Ideas For Use

copy of handwriting worksheet
  • Write a letter to a grandmother, grandfather, other relative or friend.
  • Create a page of important events for your child's diary.
  • Write a thank you note a friend.
  • Create a page for a scrapbook with the child's photo and handwriting.
  • Create invitations for a birthday party.

As a teacher you have probably copied handwriting worksheets over and over again. Would those of you who home school, like to make your lessons more enjoyable? As a parent are you concerned about helping your child improve their handwriting and excel in school? StartWrite is the best tool for making handwriting fun, educational and enjoyable. You can create practice sheets that your student(s) or children will actually want to write.

StartWrite is perfect for concerned parents and for teachers, because it's quick, easy to use and lots of fun. With StartWrite you can create practice sheets that focus on a student(s) and childrens specific needs and interests. Creating those practice sheets can be done in only minutes. Your imagination is your only limitation in creating the best practice sheets for your children and students!

Using StartWrite, you can write a letter to a friend or cousin, turn a handwriting practice sheet into a page for your scrapbook, create a page for your student(s) or child's diary page about their 1st day at school or many other fun and memorable moments. Your student(s) or children won't dislike writing any longer they will want more practice sheets and you'll see an improvement in their handwriting skills. Those who have used StartWrite have told us that when they create meaningful and fun practice sheets, their children and student(s) actually start asking for more. You'll be satisfied that your student(s) or children are moving towards greater excellence in school.