Ideas For Use By Teachers

idea for teachers
  • Teach any subject and handwriting at the same time.
  • Create specific practice sheets for your students needs.
  • Cut your lesson preparation time.

As a teacher, do you dislike copying the same practice sheet over and over? Do you wish your students had more interest in handwriting? Would you like to reduce the time you spend preparing handwriting lessons? Some teachers are still creating worksheets by hand? The challenges can be over come with StartWrite, a software program for creating fun Handwriting Practice Sheets.

StartWrite is a great tool for teachers! StartWrite will let you create handwriting practice sheets for any subject. You'll save hours in lesson prep time. StartWrite allows you to combine any subject and handwriting at the same time. Your students will learn both handwriting skills and knowledge of the subject!

David Sharp, the creator of StartWrite, asked several teachers if they thought StartWrite was a good idea. They not only agreed it was, but wanted to purchase a copy of the software right then. StartWrite was just what they were looking for.

Teachers, you no longer have to use a lesson that has ben copied over and over. StartWrite is a simple, easy and quick way to make handwriting practice sheets that your students will enjoy. StartWrite will help cut your lesson preparation time and increase the quality of what you create. Customize your worksheets to meet all your students needs.

StartWrite is available for teachers and the parents of student(s) through the schools. Just ask for further details.